May 31, 2009


Name: Romantic Wave Hair
No: 030
Version 10
Prize: Rp. 5000
English Edition
Number of Cards left: 1

Name: Comfy Nit
No: 046
Version 10
Prize: Rp. 5o00
English Edition
Number of Cards left: 1

Name: Classy hunting Cap
No: 048
Version 10
Prize: Rp 5000
English Edition
Number of Cards left: 1

Name: Asymmetrical Braided Bob
No: 049
Version 10
Prize: Rp 5000
English Edition
Number of Cards left: 1

May 04, 2009

The Commercial

Hello There!

Love and Berry's Commercial For NDS

May 01, 2009

Cards From Version 1-7

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Version 4

Version 5

Version 6

Version 7

April 30, 2009

Stages In Love and Berry

It's a basketball court. Let's
dress up in sporty fashions
that let you move and dance to
the rhythm!

LOVE and BERRY hang out
in this fashionable part of town a
lot. Let's stand out with our
cute style!

A seaside stage with the sun
glittering on the ocean. A
summery outfit would look
great and perfect!

The heart-shaped stage is
awesome! Let's sing and
dance like an idol!

A gorgeous castle stage.
Wear a beautiful dress and enjoy
feeling like a princess!

Love and Berry Japan

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Special For You

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Love and Berry Biodata

Love and Berry

This blog features LOVE and BERRY. Choose your favorite magical princess and play!
LOVE and BERRY are two girls who adore fashion. They are Magical Princesses who can change instantly! They both love to dress up and dance. They get all glammed up using their magic and are always together everywhere they go. But when it comes to getting dressed up, they are fashion rivals. Neither one can stand it if they aren't the most noticeable person at a dance party.

Natasha... the
Owner of Love and berry Blog

PS: Hints of playing Love and Berry:

The key to a higher score is memorizing the song's words and rhythm in each scene. Press the button on the beat of the tambourine to make your character dance better. Download the wallpaper to see the lyrics of the songs. Good luck studying!